Summit commercial freezer - Upright refrigerator freezer - Thermometer for freezer

Summit Commercial Freezer

summit commercial freezer

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summit commercial freezer - Summit Appliance

Summit Appliance SCFU1330 Commercial Glass Door Display Freezer

Summit Appliance SCFU1330 Commercial Glass Door Display Freezer

The SCFU1330 offers 11 cubic feet of storage space inside a fully lit interior. A heated glass door provides maximum visibility of stored products all the way down to the floor. This model includes a factory installed lock for secure storage. Frost-free operation ensures the SCFU1330 requires little user maintenance. An adjustable thermostat is top mounted above the reversible door, with a built-in dial thermometer for added convenience. Adjustable wire shelves are included with 20 glides for full storage flexibility. Thoughtfully designed to maximize impulse sales, the SCFU1330 is the ideal unit for displaying and selling frozen products. Commercially approved for use in foodservice establishments. Adjustable thermostat with built-in dial thermometer. Glass door offers full product visibility all the way down to the floor. True frost-free operation saves on maintenance by preventing icy buildup. Factory-installed lock offers security you can count on. Dimensions: 72.75 H ? 23.63 W ? 23.5 D

83% (12)

Summit condos - 2 bedroom condos Bathroom

Summit condos - 2 bedroom condos Bathroom

Summit condos - 2 bedroom condos Bathroom. Sorry the shitter lid is open!

summit condos - 2 bedroom condos - bathroom

summit condos - 2 bedroom condos - bathroom

Summit condos - 2 bedroom condos Bathroom - shower

summit commercial freezer

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