Chest Freezer Shelves

chest freezer shelves

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  • A refrigerated compartment, cabinet, or room for preserving food at very low temperatures

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#047 - 16/02/09

#047 - 16/02/09

Shelf shifting, red stylie.

Hmm, red nose, or red pepper? Decisions, decisons.

To quote the lovely Retro Chick: Shelf Shifters is when people move things around super markets. So they may have picked up fresh spinach and then find frozen spinach on offer, so they abandon the fresh spinach in the freezer chest. It doesn't, however, always make this much sense.

Ridiculous freezer

Ridiculous freezer

Yet another freezer without any kind of shelves or internal organization - the shelf you see here is a shoe organizer that I found at Target. This picture illustrates why we need to invest in a chest freezer before we get half a Tamworth hog after the spring slaughter. No way in hell 100# of meat is going to fit in here.

chest freezer shelves

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